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Divorce law

Divorce and Matrimonial Law

Divorce is scary. Spouses, who once loved each other, start slinging the worst threats to try to hurt one another. Blinded by anger, betrayal, and grief, they hurl  take away the safety of a home or livelihood, or to prevent a parent from seeing a child.


For most of us, filing for divorce is like entering into uncharted waters, filled with questions you never thought you'd have to ask, much less, even wanted to think about.


  • Does it matter if I file for divorce before my Spouse?

  • How will our furniture and house be divided?

  • Where will my kids go to school, and will I even be able to see them?

  • How is Parenting Time granted?

  • How will Child Support be paid, and how much will I have to pay?

  • What happens if I can't pay my child support? Will I stop seeing my kids?

Although the courts can decide your situation by looking at Indiana statutes, you will undoubtedly serve yourself well if you maintain polite communication with your spouse throughout the proceedings. If the parties come to a mutually acceptable arrangement, the courts will usually honor their agreement.


The old adage "catch more flies with honey" rings true. Spouses who maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and civility will save countless hours of time, court fees, attorneys' fees, and immeasurable dignity simply by working out a settlement between the two of you. 

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